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Creative Direction & Artist management

Merci Bonsoir is a Creative Agency specialized in music events production and artists management.


We advise our clients in the definition of their musical artistic direction and the production of their events and live shows.

Creating a unique experience implies crossing a variety of artistic and creative disciplines. Music, lighting design, architecture, choreography, digital immersion... Our mission is to cross genres, references and media to offer unique performances.

Creative recommendations


We design unique, dynamic and innovative experiences.

Music, interactivity, sound design, architecture, lighting design, performances... are the disciplines that guide our approach.


Technical direction

We have an in-depth knowledge of the technical ecosystems of music, image and entertainment. We are familiar with the different trades, constraints, uses and needs of all parties involved.

Production management

We quote projects and supervise construction of budgets, artistic and technical specifications.


We are in charge of hiring and paying artists and technicians who work on the events and during the projects.

Project management

We ensure the success of objectives and projects. We ensure the correspondence between contracts and deliverables. We coordinate project teams and find the right partners.

Musical curation
Technical management
Lighting Design
Creative direction
Musical Supervision
Talent Management
Production management


Set Design
Sound design
Show direction

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